Clients Feedback

"Thank you very much, very impressed by the level of service received. Counselling has helped me greatly".

"Very helpful receptionist - listened to needs & matched to counsellor well".

"Plenty of time was taken to establish my needs". "I am very satisfied with my present counsellor."

"Very speedy referral and I felt really well cared for - and about! Thanks."

"Was very impressed with how my request was dealt with."

"A very good service with great staff".

"Very very pleased with the services received. I felt I was matched up with the right counsellor for me."

"I wasn't sure how or if counselling would help. I was amazed how issues just came about in conversation, things as far back as my childhood - children's childhood and behaviour now and then and its affects. Really helped me to understand more& come to terms with events. More settled. Will certainly need & use counselling again. Many thanks."

"My counsellor was very understanding and did her best to make me feel comfortable in the sessions. I felt able to talk to her easily. I would return to her if I needed further counselling, She helped me a great deal, and enabled me to help myself. Thank you".

"I cannot thank (the counsellor) enough for the last few months. She had provided a warm, friendly facility for me to solve my problems, worries and anxieties and I leave a much happier, positive person. Thank you!"

"(Counsellor) was excellent for me, she has helped me so much, I could never thank her enough!"

"It has been an interesting journey. (The counsellor) seemed to give me the space I needed to work things out in my own time."

"It was so good to be able to "off-load" with some-one who didn''t know me. Thanks so much".

"She (the counsellor) helped me feel stronger about returning to work after a long absence".

" (The counsellor) was an amazing counsellor and helped me a lot with my problem. I'm about to go back to university and I now feel I have more confidence, more self-belief and that I understand more about my anxiety, so much so that I am able to control it".

"I would certainly go to her (the counsellor) again and may well do so in the future".

" I found (the counsellor) to be very understanding and an excellent listener".

"I believe that Counselling Works offers an exceptional service to people who need support ........ at difficult times. I personally feel that (the counsellor) is a professional and caring person and I thank her from the bottom of my heart".

"Extremely understanding & flexible. I was very comfortable with disclosing my problems. I would definitely use or recommend (the counsellor) again".

"I only used the counselling service for a short time but it really helped me through a difficult time in my life".

"Thank you for all the help that you gave me, without you I would have been lost. It''s so hard to express my gratitude in words".

"Thank you. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family".

"I never thought that I would have been able to be positive about anything again. Thanks to (the counsellor) there is light at the end of the tunnel!"

"Because of my family commitments I was very pleased that (the counsellor) could see me on a Sunday".

"...a HUGE THANK YOU to Counselling Works and especially (the counsellor) for helping me. It was great that you could match me up with a counsellor so quickly and start working straight away when I needed it. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me. I would never have been able to do (these) things if I hadn''t had counselling. Thanks so much". 

"I cannot convey how much (the counsellor) has helped me. My six months of seeing her has helped me implement massive changes and learn an enormous amount about who I am."

"Very prompt, efficient service"

"Very kind & helpful in obtaining a quick appointment with a suitable counsellor".

"Having called a couple of other counsellors, I found this one very accommodating and they appreciated it was a big step and didn''t make me wait".

"Has helped me through what was a tough time for me. If I need further assistance in this regard I would talk to this person again".

Client emailed us after first session:
"I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in getting this organised so quickly and efficiently.
My counsellor,............ made me feel very welcome and did her best to make me feel comfortable in the session. Once again, thank you for your help."
"I found my counsellor extremely professional but she also allowed me to govern how fast we moved on subjects".

"I am very grateful for your support through a horrible few months. Many thanks."

"If it wasn't for the help I got through you I really don't know where I would be now."

" (The counsellor) was very helpful and understanding to me. Thank you".
"(The counsellor)has helped me to understand what happened and how to deal with it"
"It is great to have some self esteem, I like myself now. I know I still have some way to go, but I've now started on the right road. Thank you."
" (The counsellor) dealt with my problems in a very professional manner getting to the crux of my problem".

" (The counsellor) was exceptional ... most certainly will contact again if necessary".
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