Critical Incident

What to do if your organisation experiences a Critical Incident...

1. Phone Counselling Works on 01 908 263 800. (00 44 1908 263 800 from Eire).
Our calls are answered 24 hours a day, most times in our office in Milton Keynes.
Out of hours calls are switched to our call centres in North Wales or Nottingham.
The phone will be answered promptly and you will not be confronted with a menu of buttons to push.
They will immediately contact a senior member of our staff.
We will need to know:

2. Think about:
Immediate plans. The next 1 to 2 hours - the next 24 hrs.
What information will be given to employees and/or the media.
Identify employees at risk.

3. Psychological First Aid
We prefer to be on site to help you with this, but if that is not possible ensure that you:

4. Telephone support
We can make this available from an early stage of the crisis.

5. Debriefing, reaction and normalisation session
This should be held within seven days of the incident.
The goals are:

6. Follow-up
A month later the majority of people are "moving on". This meeting helps many people to "close" an event and to realise the degree of recovery they have achieved.
We will again evaluate and encourage staff to accept one-to-one counselling if the evaluation indicates that they are still troubled by the incident.

7. Face to Face counselling
Obviously local circumstances vary, but we will make, or assist with, local arrangements for face to face counselling if this is necessary.
Contact us for more information