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Services to Corporate and "not for profit" organisations
The Concept
We understand the needs of both Industry and staff working in a pressurised environment. Our uniquely efficient organisational structure means that we are able to cut out many of the high costs often associated with national counselling schemes. The result is a local, flexible service which meets the needs of local industry - at the right price!

All our counsellors are fully trained to British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Counselling (BACP) and/or Confederation of Scottish Counselling Agencies (COSCA) Accredited. They have a Diploma in Counselling or are qualified Psychologists, receive frequent clinical supervision and abide by an enforceable national code of ethics (usually the BACP Ethical Framework).

Can I simply opt in and out of this service?
Yes! Counselling Works has a simple, fixed charge per session. We do not ask you to sign an annual contract - you simply call us on 01908 263 800, and we will immediately arrange counselling for your staff. You only pay for the sessions used (or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice). You can use the service as often, or seldom, as you like.
The first session will be arranged in a very few days.
How many sessions will my staff need?
We recommend 6 sessions. A surprisingly large number of personal and work problems can be resolved, or helped significantly, in six sessions. We think that it is important that you know in advance the maximum size of your financial commitment.
Our sister organisation, Counselling Works Now, can arrange on-going counselling if your staff require additional counselling after the six sessions.
I can see that my staff would be pleased for the company to pay for counselling, but how does it help the company?
Stress at work is a serious problem for most employers. The pressure of business demands, and accompanying stress on staff, seem to increase all the time. This stress can reduce the efficiency and output of your staff. Equally, problems they have at home are probably not your fault, but these problems can seriously affect your bottom line. Many employers understand that a small amount of money, targeted strategically at a problem, can save large losses in the future. A small investment in counselling could keep key staff working and functioning properly. For many companies staff are their most valuable asset.
The Health and Safety Executive estimate that up to 60% of work absence can be traced back to stress in one form or another.
Risks to your organisation
The Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 puts a duty of care on employers for mental as well as physical health. There is also a common law duty of care to look after your employees, which includes stress at work.

Recent compensation awarded against employers in breach of these duties include:
Is this service confidential?
Yes, so much so that we can't even tell you what we have discussed with your staff. It has to be that way because clients will not talk about the things that really matter to them unless confidentiality is completely assured.
What checks has Counselling Works carried out on its counsellors?
Do you have a broad range of counsellors?
Our counsellors are very experienced and most of them could work with most problems clients present. However, we also recognise that some clients prefer a male or female counsellor. There are also areas of specialism - couple counselling, Post Trauma, abuse and alcohol misuse are all examples where we will select counsellors who have specific experience in these fields.
Where will the counselling take place?
We are very strict about this. We have premises in Bedford and Milton Keynes. We ensure that we provide high quality, comfortable premises, which are not used for any other purpose. Our counsellor will NOT see your staff in the counsellor's own house.
Most of our staff are not in these areas, can you offer Telephone, Skype/Facetime counselling?
Yes, this is proving very popular. We can offer a confidential service to employees in their own home, 24 hours a day. Some employees prefer telephone counselling, even if they can get to our premises. (We pay the call costs.) Increasingly employees opt for Skype and FaceTime calls.
My staff work shifts. Can they come at different times to suit their shifts?
Yes, just let us know and we will ensure that you have a counsellor who is able to be flexible and meet the needs of your staff.
Can my staff see a counsellor in the evening or at weekends?
Yes, but we will charge a little more for appointments after 19:00hrs and at weekends. Telephone counselling is often attractive for shift workers.
A lot of counsellors seem to have a waiting list - how quickly can I see a counsellor
We don't like waiting lists. We understand that you need help NOW. We aim to arrange your first appointment within a week. We often do it much quicker than that. Our counsellors are required to have a minimum response time.

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