Our Affiliates

The Counselling Works Now scheme consists of a broad range of counsellors known as "affiliates". The affiliates range from trainees through to MBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/UKCP Registered level. In this way we believe that we can meet the needs of almost all clients and usually at a cost which almost everyone finds acceptable. We check that the counsellors are working professionally and ethically. As well as general counselling experience (which is suitable for most clients), we can offer specialist areas of help (e.g., sexual orientation, drugs and alcohol abuse, minority issues, Aspergers syndrome, relationship, bereavement and much more), also we can offer sessions in some home languages (e.g., Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and Portuguese).
We include "Now" in the title because there are no waiting lists. We provide the service when you need it.

There is a one off administration fee of £12 which will be added to the first session fee.

We currently have around 17 Affiliates working from our Milton Keynes and Bedford premises.

What training and experience do Counselling Works affiliates have?

We have five categories of affiliates:

1. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. Trainees. They will have completed a Certificate in Counselling and are now on a professional training course working toward their Diploma in Counselling qualification. In the second year of their Diploma Course they are required to see real clients to build up their counselling experience. They receive "clinical supervision", which means that their work is closely monitored by a very experienced counsellor. These counsellors are not paid, the fee simply pays for the cost of the room rent.

Expect to pay less than £10 a session.

We will ALWAYS tell you when you are seeing a trainee. Some counselling organisations use trainees without telling clients! It is worth checking this important point.

2a. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. Newly qualified counsellors. Have just been awarded their Diploma and are at the beginning of their counselling career, having completed their theory training. 
Expect to pay about £15 - £20 a session

2b. First year Diploma. Since qualifying Affiliates at this stage are continuing to build their experience. They will have at least 150+ hours counselling experience. 

Expect to pay about £20 - £30 a session.

3a. Second year + Diploma. As category 2 above, but two or more years after qualifying. Not yet sufficiently experienced to apply for BACP Accreditation.

Expect to pay about £30 - £35 a session.

3b. Experienced Diploma holding counsellors. As category 3a above, but  more than 2 years after qualifying. Not yet applied for BACP Accreditation, athough may meet the criteria. 

Expect to pay about £35 - £40 a session.

4. Accredited Counsellors/Psychologists. To be Accredited a counsellor must have completed at least 450 hours training plus a minimum of 450 hours experience with clients. The Accreditation is awarded by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and is completely independent of the counsellor and Counselling Works. The counsellor is required to demonstrate a clear understanding of counselling theory and back that up with case study material.

Expect to pay about £40 - £50 a session.

5. BACP Senior Accredited Counsellors and Psychotherapists/Psychologists/UKCP Psychotherapists. To reach this standard the counsellor must have been accredited for at least 6 years (so probably has at least 10 years experience) and have completed at least 1,000 hours with clients. (Our Senior Accredited counsellors and Psychotherapists far exceed this number.)

Expect to pay between £50 and £60 a session. (more at weekends)

Our most experienced counsellors far exceed this level of training and experience.

We are pleased to offer our services to the Brazilian community in Milton Keynes.

Alexandre Gieseke Speaks: Portuguese Native or bilingual proficiency INGLES Native or bilingual proficiency  and Spanish Elementary proficiency

Nos temos a honra de ofertar os nossos servicos a Comunidade Brasileira e Portugueses  de Milton Keynes e demais areas .  Voce nao tera mais o Stress de tentar falar de seus  problemas , sentimentos em uma segunda lingua. Nada melhor que se expressar com mais confidencia em sua propria  lingua patria  . Aqui , nos temos uma Psicologo altamente qualificado cujo a a lingua patria e o portugues .

Por favor contactar com Angela  por email: enquiries@counsellingworks.co.uk   e ela organizara o atendimento como Psicologo Brasileiro .. No email  por favor coloque nome , contato ( celular ou telefone fixo de sua casa), dia e hora  de sua preferencia , e deixe o resto conosco..

Our Equal Opportunities & Complaints procedure

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